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Our Founding Story: 

The Journey to the Black Onyx World Brand


 "Six months pregnant and she's still working hard"

In 2007 Rochelle went natural for the first time, with inspiration from her mother Marlene Moulton and her husband Demond Campbell she decided to stop chemically relaxing her hair and cut it all off. The first year of being natural was a learning experience, where she damaged her hair with over coloring. Then she faced an even greater issue there were no products that kept her hair moisturized. Most products on the market were filled with chemicals, false promises, and focused on the temporary look of styling rather than overall hair health. So again in December of 2008, she did another Big Chop but this time vowing to do it the right way. The biggest hurdle again became finding products to help her hair be healthy and grow longer. Also in 2008 Rochelle began designing eclectic jewelry and accessories and selling her handmade creations to the world after naming her line Nyamani Chic.

With that goal in mind, in 2009 Rochelle turned her kitchen into her first laboratory where she did vigorous detailed research, which also included reading herbal books that her grandmother read while she was growing up in Jamaica. Her goal was to find what “natural” ingredients promoted hair growth. She and her husband were still in college at this time while juggling full time positions in the restaurant service industry, but any free time she had was spent in the kitchen mixing testing and getting her formulation perfect. This led to the creation of the now famous “Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil”. After having family members and friends try and love the product along with her hair growth success she knew this product was amazing. Rochelle’s hair started growing so quickly and in no time she was at 4 inches of new growth and many YouTube subscribers started requesting the sale of the oil. And that product was the first of many more to come in what would be known as Alikay Naturals Products. The name Alikay Naturals came from Rochelle’s middle name “Alikay”

Once that first product went for sale, the demands came flooding in for more orders. During that time Rochelle also formulated more products for her hair moisturizers, leave ins, conditioners, shampoos etc and of course those also became sold as a part of Alikay Naturals line. During that time Demond and Rochelle had to also still work and go to school full time, so they used to mix and package products at night late and have to wake up early or during breaks in between classes to drop their customers packages off at the Post Office. In 2010 they realized that in order to focus on their business and continue to give their customers the best quality products and customer support they would need to dedicate their full time to the company, so they both continued and finished their education and worked side by side to build the Black Onyx World Brand.

The rest is history as they say. During the period of 2009- 2012 Alikay Naturals line expanded to become a formal company operating out of Fort Myers FL with a manufacturing department and a retail storefront. Their line now offers more than 60 products, focusing on Natural Hair Care, Skin Care and Bath and Body. One thing that remained was the same was their instance of using only natural ingredients. “The best quality natural ingredients are a must to create the best products for our customers, to this day I still create the products with myself in mind meaning I say if I was a customer what I would expect out of this product. At the end of the day we do this for them” says Rochelle.


Their line has now become one of the top selling natural product lines in the country and has been featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide. Including in June 2012 when Black Onyx World was featured as the NewsPress Newspapers Business Success Story. Their Alikay Naturals line is now also on shelves of beauty supplies and salons form North America to the Virgin Islands. Demond Campbell says, “We see infinite possibilities for our brand and line to grow because we are still focused on providing the best customer”. Rochelle strives to inspire women to love and embrace their natural hair, through their company and also through Guest Speaking and event hosting. Rochelle says “Loving the natural you, is very important and I truly believe that everyone can achieve their hair goals using the right products and the appropriate hair care regimen. So I will continue to educate people on how to properly care for their hair”. The Mission at Black Onyx World LLC is to provide what you need for a more fabulous you. The aim is to provide everything that you need to be able to look and feel your best naturally.


 Hosting a Workshop at the 2011 Show

Black Onyx World LLC is also the host of the annual natural hair event, Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair held Tampa, FL during the Fall. They also have opened another accessories store called the Diva Shop in their online store.