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“100% Natural Beauty Products Proven To Work”

Alikay Naturals wants you to Let Your Tresses Express Your Natural Fabulousness”

You too can achieve your hair and skin goals. Having healthier, stronger, longer hair and smoother, clearer skin is possible with the right products and regimen. Let Alikay Naturals help get you there.



What We are About

 Rochelle created this product line originally for her own hair care regime in 2009. She wanted products that made her hair look and feel good but without the harsh chemicals that were in a lot of products. With Alikay Naturals she is able to share the beauty secrets she has found over the years, using amazing products with all NATURAL ingredients.

Great Hair Care does not take 1,001 products.  Rochelle is a firm believer that bouncing from product to product will make you a product junkie in no time. All you need are a few simple products that WORK, which is what Alikay Natural Products provide.

What We Make

Alikay Naturals carries everything you need in your hair regimen from shampoo, conditioners, leave-ins, deep conditioners, hot oil treatment, hair glossers, etc. They also carry skin care products such as scrubs, soaps, and moisturizers. The bath and body line is also amazing and can help you relax while the ingredients soften and moisturize your skin.

What Makes Alikay Different

Alikay Naturals makes products that are 100% Natural. Some of our products are also 100% Organic. Unlike many commercial based beauty products, we do not use any chemicals in our products. Also unlike some companies that claim to be natural based, we do not hide “unnatural” ingredients under false names. There are many harsh chemicals used in countless beauty products, so be sure to read the labels and then decide if you are willing to put all these chemicals in your hair and on your body. We use No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil , No Alcohol, No Paraben, No Sulfate, No Silicones. See the difference Alikay Naturals can make for you.

Environmental Awareness

We are committed to our products being environmentally aware and responsible. Our products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. We create safe beauty products that are not harmful to your hair, skin, or the environment. We also encourage you to recycle your used containers and bottles when you are finished with them.

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Rochelle’s Alikay Naturals Hair Success Story

I personally use Alikay Naturals Products daily, and you can see me using them here on the site or in my Youtube videos. These products have helped my OWN HAIR to become STRONGER, HEALTHIER, AND LONGER! I also used to suffer from bad acne for years. I have overcome that struggle by using our Alikay Naturals skin care line. I do not create any products that I would not use on my own hair or skin.

Our famous "Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil" was created by me a few years ago. It has taken me 13 attempts to finally perfect this formula, which is a careful blend of 17 Essential Oils and Herbs that have all been individually proven to promote fast healthy hair growth.

Years of hands on experience and research have helped me gain understanding on hair. From the hair shaft to the tip, inside and out, I have studied it all. This research, knowledge, and experience have been essential in me creating these products.

Want Proof? See for Yourself View my Hair Journey Page for pictures and more information.

Visit my Youtube Page to see how I implement these products into my hair regimen and styles.

Give the products a try so YOU can have your OWN SUCCESS STORY!!  Please share your story with us by emailing us at………