Demond Campbell




Demond Campbell is the Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Black Onyx World LLC. He has a very strong passion for music. His love for music started back in high school where he would compete with friends and school mates to see who could write the better song. Demond recently blended his passion for music and his love for natural beauty. From this came the idea of writing a song which speaks about the beauty of natural hair and how pleasing it is to stay true to your God-given beauty. The creation of this song along with the many things he and his wife are doing, all lead to one goal. Demond states “My ultimate goal at hand is to help people to see the beauty of accepting their natural self. Accepting you and your uniqueness, rather than assimilating to society’s idea of beauty. I want people to listen to the song “I’M NATURAL” they feel free enough to celebrate, sing out loud, and express how proud they are of their natural hair.”


 “Alikay Naturals is the first step in regaining your natural beauty… So why not start now!!!!”

 –Demond Campbell

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