Rochelle Graham Campbell


(aka BlackOnyx77 on YouTube )

Black Onyx


Rochelle Graham-Campbell, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Black Onyx World LLC.  Rochelle received her bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, from the University of South Florida in May 2011. She entered in the beauty industry in 2008 on YouTube as natural hair guru “BlackOnyx77”, where she continues to educate her audience about natural hair care, styling techniques, and shared her own natural hair and life journey. Her YouTube channel as of June 2012 has over 62,000 subscribers and the numbers are continuing to grow. Through meticulous research and her own personal experiences, Rochelle has gained a wealth of knowledge about natural hair care.  With a great knowledge base and passion for natural hair care, Rochelle and her husband Demond Campbell, began their company Black Onyx World LLC in 2009. Their journey although met with tremendous effort and sacrifice, is continuing to be worth the path they have chosen.