Get To Know Me

Rochelle Graham AKA BlackOnyx77 exemplifies the essence of a boss. She is an expert pioneer in the natural care for hair, skin and body. She is a trendsetter in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, her embedded roots included church and holistic living. Her grandmother, who she lovingly refers to as “YaYa”, took her under her wing at an early age and began educating Rochelle on natural and organic remedies for everything from hair, skin and body. As a child, Rochelle moved to the state of Florida with her young single mother. Throughout her adolescent years, she noticed it was very difficult to find any natural products for textured hair, so she went with the trends. She tried everything from extensions to weaves to coloring. While in college in 2008, at the tender age of 22, she was introduced to YouTube. Rochelle began sharing her wealth of knowledge on this platform building a strong, loyal following. Rochelle went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing at the University of South Florida in 2011.

The birth of the fierce and fearless BlackOnyx77 began soon after she started her YouTube channel back in early 2008 when Rochelle Alikay Graham was inspired to do a “big chop” from her mother, Dr. Marlene Moulton. She began recording YouTube videos right out of her bathroom in her small apartment while still in college. When she started, she was one of five natural hair vloggers ever on YouTube. The videos consisted of her natural hair journey in which she educated the viewers on different hair types as well as beneficial natural ingredients and healthy styling tutorials. BlackOnyx77 videos evolved making her YouTube channel the go to for fashion, make-up tips, cooking and inspiration. She was honest, open and willing to share her experiences. She gained significant subscribers that soon became an extended family to her. At this time, she saw the need to create natural and organic products due to the lack of these type of products at the time. With the support of her husband and soon to be business partner, Demond Campbell, Rochelle converted her kitchen into her first laboratory. Armed with determination and $100 initial investment from her savings, she officially launched Alikay Naturals™-a luxury natural hair, skin and body care line in late 2008. Over the years, Alikay Naturals™ has flourished to become one of the fastest growing, multi-million dollar natural beauty brands. The Alikay Naturals™ line is currently available at select Target, Sally’s Beauty, Rite Aid, Kroger, Meijer, Bed Bath and Beyond-Harmon’s Face Values stores nationwide. In addition, the line can also be found at over 150 independent retail locations worldwide, including France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Jamaica and Bermuda just to name a few. The line is also available on the Alikay Naturals™ website In 2011, the same year she graduated college, she recorded and released the groundbreaking process called The L.O.C. Method™. The BlackOnyx77 YouTube channel has grown to over 100K subscribers with over 15 million views.

BlackOnyx77 has been graciously dubbed as “The Black Beauty Pioneer” by Essence Magazine and has received prestigious accolades. She has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Black Enterprise, Inside Edition and Business Observer. She received “40 under 40” award from Gulf Shore Business Magazine in 2015. She also earned her Silver Play Button Award from YouTube for having over 100K subscribers. She is requested to speak and teach classes on natural hair care, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, self and body love across the globe.

BlackOnyx77 has become more than just a Vlogger. She has become a business mogul managing an enterprise of brands across multiple industries. She embodies philanthropy by giving back in hosting charitable events through her Alikay Cares Foundation. She is the CEO of Alikay Naturals, Be Fabulous Salon, Mogul University™, Rochelle Alikay and BlackOnyx77™. She continues to empower, inspire and engage people everywhere to embrace and love their natural selves.

Stay tuned the story of BlackOnyx77 continues and the best is yet to come!