BlackOnyx Philosophies

Fashion- Capture Your Audience While You Walk Down this Runway Called Life My philosophy on being a true fashionista is you have to think outside of the box! In doing so, you cannot allow yourself to get boxed into other people’s ideas or society’s standards of what fashion is “supposed” to look like for you. You get to create your own fabulousness because you are a shining star. Just because I am a plus-size or curvy girl doesn’t mean that I cannot be apart of the fashion world. I absolutely love to switch up my fashion game. I have so many looks and I truly enjoy pushing that fashion envelope. My looks can go from gothic/punk all black everything to a girly unicorn fairy. The moment I stopped listening to what everyone else said about how I should look is the moment I became confident in who I am from the inside out. Fashion is a form of expression. It is what sets apart the trendsetters from the trend-followers. Fashion is what YOU make it….so have fun and express yourself.

Boss- Get Set, Show Up, Focus and GO! Remember Dolls, you are the CEO of your life. Here are some of my key points to living the best #Bosslife you can! Set your goals, visions and standards high. You are limitless in what you can create. Always lead by example because you never know who is watching. Be a go-getter and a do-gooder in all aspects of your life. Don’t forget that self-care is the best care. You don’t have to step into your greatness because you already are so BE IT!! These points are essential for me everyday because I am a fulltime CEO of Alikay Naturals, Be Fabulous Salon, Alikay Cares Foundation, Mogul University, BlackOnyx77, R.I.S.E. Empowerment (Co-Founder) and Rochelle Alikay. To find out more about my full CEO life click here (

Beauty- Beyond Size, Beyond Color, Beyond Texture Society does not define who you are...YOU do! You have to embrace yourself -All of you! You get to love everything about you including your perfect imperfections. Once you love yourself wholeheartedly and completely, no one can tell you who you should be or what you should look like. Beauty is defined by each individual. It is extremely important to embody this and be examples for our young girls. They need to know how amazingly beautiful they are from the beginning. All the things that I was told growing up that were ugly or something was wrong about me no longer exist in my mind because I am beautiful and so are you. Starting now, we have to change our conversations around beauty and what beauty should be to what beauty truly is. Beauty is UNIQUE, Beauty is STRENGTH and most importantly Beauty is SELF LOVE.