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Can I tell you how much I love my Alikay Naturals?

First of all, not only are my cowrie shell bobby pins cute, but they are an essential styling tool.  I'm gonna order more so I can leave some in the car, some in the den, and have some to give away!

I have already given myself a Bentonite Me Baby facial and can't wait to do a treatment on my hair.  My other faves are Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer (yummy) and my Cocoa Mango Moisturizing Hair Perfume.  

You have no idea how big a fan I am of you, and I can't wait to try more of your products!

Laughter and Love,

 Kim Coles





My hair has a serious issue with dryness and when saturated, oversaturation. The Alikay Naturals products provided a healthy, organic routine for my hair to be conditioned and maintained alongside regular trims.

The cleansing shampoo and the Cowash Me Conditioner were my favorite products. They gave my hair the right balance of moisture and style ability.

Also, the Knots Be Gone Detangler was AMAZING during my comb-out. Usually I had to wet and wash my hair before I could comb it but with the Detangler, a few sprays and I was ready to comb and braid.

The Wake Me up Curl Refresher was great for morning when I was rushing out. It was great to spray, brush/pick and go.  And it looked great!

The lemongrass leave in conditioner was great for my night time rituals. I would usually spray and put my hair in a loose bun on the top of my head and my hair looked fabulous and full in the morning.

Overall, the products were great and i felt good using them since they were 90% organic and 100% natural!

Satisfied user,
Jennifer Ubiera

Miss Black Florida 2010 


I used your products and I absolutely love them. I'm going to re-up soon especially since you added new products. I just wanted to share a pic of a braidout I did on my transitioning hair using your  yogurt hair moisturizer. It's the best thing I have ever used in my hair.


            Dominique Grant





I had been wearing my hair natural for about 5 years. I was using every product under the sun. Not paying attention to ingredients and always wondered why my hair was breaking and never growing. i have no idea how i found you on youtube, but there was something about your presentation that convinced me to go for it. After using the Bentonite Clay on my hair, I cried. It NEVER looked so healthy and beautiful. I referred all my friends to your website. You have a loyal customer in me. Thank you and God Bless You.





In all the pictures I use: shea yoghurt, shine crave hair glosser, essential 17 oil & lemon grass leave in as part of my monthly routine...never been so pleased with my hair!! Sometimes I switch the shea yoghurt n use the shea so real too. Thank u sooo much!! p/s the last pic is of the progress of the front of my hair since using ur products, it used to be soo short but its caught up sooo fast :)!! And Im always getting compliments on how soft my hair is etc!! All thanks to you!!!

-Samantha D (United Kingdom)





These pictures of my hair are taken 1 year apart. THANK YOU for Everything!!!! –India Williamson




Sylvia Lott (Twistout with Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner and Moisture Rich Hair Parfait) 




I'm sooooo excited Diva!!!!! Ordered the shea yogurt almost a year ago It wouldn't do right in my hair for  nothing. Now that I have length OMG My twists are GORGEOUS….u are something GOD sent.!!!!!!!!  -T Clark 




Drunida K ( Nyamani Chic Orange blossoms set) 




Brownshuga24   (Nyamani Chic Ear Cuff)




Drudina K   (Nyamani Chic Natural diva earrings and Trendsetter ear cu   




(Styled with Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave in conditioner and Shea yogurt rocking the Gold Cathedral Earrings, Gold Cobra Bracelet)

Ebony Y  




(Nyamani Chic Fly like me Earrings) 






Here is a pic of the beautiful earrings I purchased. I love your natural hair videos, website, and excellent customer service. Keep up the great work :)




I love your unique jewelry.  Yes mi yardie sista.  I purchased the rockstar earrings. – Alicia Thompson 




Just wanted to send you a pic of me wearing your ring leader earrings. I get sooooooooo many compliments on them!

Thanks and I will be purchasing more of them soon!


Kauisha Smith 




Laquita Decius (Nyamani Chic Dangerous Dame Earrings) 




Submitted by Tracy M (Nyamani Chic Passionate Purple Earrings) 




Submitted by Tracy M Glitzy Butterfly Earrings 




Charis (Styled with Alikay Naturals Shine crave glosser, wearing  Nyamani Chic trendsetter ear cuff) 





Raeshonna H (Nyamani Chic Rasta Songstress Earrings)




Raeshonna H (Nyamani Chic Rasta Songstress Earrings)




    Kymi Toliver 
     (Diva Shop Hair Flower) 







Rhonda Whidby  Rocking Nyamani Chic Jewelry and Diva Shop Hair Flowers 





Kimberly Seay (Modest Peacock Earrings) 




Crystal (Nyamani Chic Rasta Songstress Earrings and Nyamani Chic Blended Beauty Earrings, and Twist out with Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Hair Parfait) 



Sheena Smith (Nyamani Chic Fierce and Earthly Ring leader earrings) 




I have only been natural seven months and have been back and forth with products. One of my good friends told me about your products and I can't get enough of them. In the attached photo I used the Moisture Rich Hair Parfait for my twist.



Syreeta H



Alysia N Aro (Nyamani Chic Golden Glam ring leader earrings)