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2017 Workshops

Branding 101 - Branding With A Bang

Learn strategies to help you create an "it" brand that stands out among the crowd. She also educates on how to use your brand’s unique voice to differentiate yourself from the competition. Acquire the knowledge to communicate, connect and engage your brand effectively. Rochelle Graham will teach you the skill set on how to create a powerful brand with an extraordinary voice from A-Z so that you can achieve astounding success for your business. You will learn some key tips such as identifying your brand values, mission, target audience, branding across social media and how to establish your “look.”


How to Build a Social Media Strategy for a Business

Now that you have found your voice and know who you are, it is time to share it with the world. Be the buzz around town! Rochelle Graham will show you the Do’s and the Don’ts on how to social media strategy for your business. It is time to share with the world how really awesome your business is and why consumers need to know all about it. Here are just a few of the topics Rochelle will be discussing in this amazing workshop:  How to turn fans into customers
 Build a loyal following
 Creating an efficient social media calendar
 How and When to Post
 Creating a social media campaign

Bootstrapping A Business for a Young CEO

Gain first hand insight on how CEO Rochelle Graham built her Multi Million dollar business from $100. Acquire tips on how to build a multi-million dollar business with minimal investment. Some of the key topics are how to reinvest in your business with your dollars, sticking to your budget and making the right decisions to keep your business growing and thriving. Rochelle will even share some of her initial mistakes after starting her business.

The LOC Method™: The Science of Moisturizing Hair

From the Original Creator of The L.O.C Method™ Rochelle Graham, learn the science on how to seal moisture in hair, promote healthy hair and incorporate it into styling techniques. This method has changed the face of natural hair care. Learn what products are the most beneficial to your hair and why. Discover why this innovative technique works wonders on hair. How to Build a Healthy Hair Regimen Understanding the importance of developing and maintaining a complete hair regimen. Get tips, tricks and tools to create a step by step custom hair regimen by Rochelle Graham as she dives deep into hair textures, porosity and curl patterns that will help you discover how to nurture your hair from root to tip.

I’m Every Woman : Living a Balanced Life

Are you every woman, every single day? And, you are trying to maintain and do it naturally but you are unsure? This is the workshop developed to empower women completely. Rochelle Graham will share valuable resources on how to balance career/business, family and life while ensuring the best self care to be every woman in excellence. Get grounded and be well-rounded in mind, body and spirit. Rochelle will share her secrets on being a wife, mother, and business woman managing 5 brands. She will even share tips on being a wife and business partner to her Husband, Demond.

How To Look and Be Fabulous #IRL (In Real Life)

Get the techniques and tips on how to look good, feel good and be fabulous ...In Real Life!!! You are indeed a phenomenal woman so you get to shine like the diamond you are. You will gain some quick, easy and awesome pointers which includes skin care, hair care, make-up and fashion how-to’s from our #1 Fashionista Natural Care Expert, Rochelle Graham.

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